A contemporary ritual and multidisciplinary performance tracing the ancientness of queer identity.


Through a language of experimental electronic music, virtuosic vocals and original text, winegod explores our unity as living, fleshy beings on an increasingly fragile globe.


‘Breathe me deep.

Hold me tight.

Keep your eyes open.

Don’t look back.’

winegod has been shown at Roundhouse, Sounds Like THIS (Leeds College of Music), Rough Trade Nottingham (UKNA City Takeover), The Glory.
Excerpt performances during the development of winegod were presented at SPACE Hackney (Future Ritual), Low Stakes (VFD), CFS Soho.

Original Music & Text: Oberon White

Dramaturg: Talia Randall

Lighting Designer: Joshua Pharo

Audio & Mixing Consultant: Jacob Aria

Associate Producer: Emilie Labourey


The development of winegod has been supported by an Arts Council England Project Grant, Roundhouse’s Resident Artist Scheme and The Glory.

Image Credits: Jemima Yong, Claire Lawrie, Tom Morley

Videographer: Joseph Wilson

© 2020 Oberon White

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