Queens of the Underworld

Earthly Delights

Earthly Delights is an immersive multidisciplinary performance event, installation piece and communal ritual, created, orchestrated and hosted by Oberon White and Laura Gwen Miles.

Red fruit oozes from open mouths

Beasts and creatures change form in the darkness

Together we feast in the hot, dark hole

Together we shall know, such

Earthly Delights.

Inspired by Bacchanalia and the imagery of Hieronymus Bosch's eponymous triptych, audiences are guests at a visceral feast, with a design incorporating natural material, found objects, sculpture and original film.  Solo short-form performances from queer performance artists are interspersed with a live electronic score.  Oberon White and Laura Gwen Miles preside over the rite and perform extended solo performances.  

Flyer Artwork: Sebastian Adastra


Conceived and Performed by Oberon White & Laura Gwen Miles

Live Electronics

Olivir Haylett, Jacob Aria



Jacob Aria, Sebastian Adastra, Sam Reynolds, Phoenix Fagbutt / The Phoenix, Robert Hesp, Duane Nasis, Marcelo D'Avilla, 

Oberon White


Laura Gwen Miles

Art Direction
Laura Gwen Miles

Sculpture & Artwork
Emily Rees Haynes, Sebastian Adastra


Laura Gwen Miles 

Additional Film
Oberon White

Aristoteles Kara, Claire Lawrie

Presented at
The Glory, CFS Soho (Carnesky Productions)

© 2020 Oberon White

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