Queens of the Underworld

House of Persephone

A research and performance project undertaken by Oberon White & Laura Gwen Miles.  

The project explored various performance based responses to the myths and cultural practices connected to the Eleusinian Mysteries and the figures of Persephone/Kore, Demeter and Hades.  

Exploring the themes of mortality, trauma, patriarchy/matriachy and ancestry from a queer, feminist perspective, the work combined elements of original text, music, film, ritual action and autobiographical material gathered through interviews with family members. 


Created and performed by Oberon White & Laura Gwen Miles 

Producer: Oberon White

Core collaborators: 

Olivir Haylett (Musician)
J Aria (Musician)

Presented at:
RVT (UnderConstruction)
TUC Congress House
Bethnal Green Working Mens Club (Deep Trash / Cuntemporary)
Festival of Choice

Dan Govan
Asher Fynn
Thomas Hensher
Manu Valcarce
Andrew Stys

© 2020 Oberon White

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