I, Pierrot 

A lonely stage and a cyborg clown, the world is turning upside down.


I, Pierrot was the debut feature-length solo show from Oberon White. First developed in 2014, White is a Pierrot for the 21st century.  Classical singing, spoken word, and a dash of drag combine in an eclectic solo performance.  


Set to an original electronic score, I, Pierrot explores how technology is changing what it means to be human.  

‘The most surprising, powerful hit... an exquisitely crafted descent into the strange.... I have never seen anything like it.’

- This Is Cabaret


‘A masterclass in precision and their craft is phenomenal.’



‘Interesting as Hell’


I, Pierrot was developed with the support of Roundhouse and presented at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, DICE Festival, Open Ealing, The Black Cap, CFS Soho, BGWMC.


Costume Design: Sarah Mercadé

Additional Soundsccapes: Olivir Haylett

© 2014 Oberon White

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