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Queens of the Underworld

Experimental performance-art & music collective. 
Chthonic weavers of image and sound. 
A nebulous collection led by Joint Artistic Directors Oberon White & Laura Gwen Miles.

QotU produce live work and performance events combining original music, digital soundscapes, extended vocal techniques, text and ritual.

QotU are London based and make work for clubs, cabaret spaces, theatres, galleries, and protests.

QotU are inspired by myth, ritual, queer culture, intersectional feminism, sex, surrealism and activism.

QotU have been working as an ensemble since September 2015.  

Past work includes: Earthly Delights, ZODIAC and House of Persephone.

Credits: Chronic Illness, Chelsea Theatre, CFS Soho, LimeWharf, UnderConstruction, RVT, TUC Congress House, Deep Trash (CUNTemporary), Bestival, Latitude, Leefest, Carnesky Productions, Roundhouse, Festival of Choice, More Storm, Middlesex University.

QotU have been privileged to showcase the work of artists including: J Aria, Asher Fynn, Olivir Haylett, Sebastian Adastra, Sam Reynolds, Phoenix Fagbutt / The Phoenix, Duane Nasis, Robert Hesp, Marcelo D'Avilla, Emily Rees-Haynes, Jasmine Lee, Dan McBride, Scarlett Lassoff, Drastik Measures, Tom Cassani / Eros, Simone Simone / Thom Shaw, Tracey Smith, Aaron Manhattan, Jose Vigers, Jo Hauge, Claudia Jeffereries, Josh Breach, Bopa Rhys, Neo Fung, Katy Jalili, Ray Filar, neufunkaum, Queen E Lizard Birth II, Tallulah Haddon, Sophie Wakefield, Elijah W Harris, David Cumming, ShayShay, Jasmine White, Edythe Woolley, Hannah Davis, Oozing Gloop, Emily Bee.

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